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Technology Solutions to Improve Your Iowa Home

At A Tech, our goal is simple: to make your life easier and more secure. Today’s homes can be equipped with amazing features to improve your day to day life. Whether you are looking for a security system, home theater, central vacuum system, or more, we offer a wide range of services to meet your needs. Get in touch with us today and transform your home into a place of comfort and security with A Tech.


Maintaining Your Home Security System

Newly Installed CCTV Camera — Des Moines, IA — A Tech

Keeping your home and family safe is a top priority for any homeowner, and one of the best ways to do so is with a home security system.

Like any other technology, security systems must be checked and fixed regularly to ensure they work well. Below are some reasons why routine maintenance is important for your home security system.

5 Reasons to Install a Home Intercom System

Home Intercom System — Des Moines, IA — A Tech

An intercom is a vital system that gives you more control over your home. For instance, you can watch guests, kids, and delivery personnel inside and outside your home. You can also choose among different intercom types based on your needs and budgets.

Home intercoms provide top-notch convenience and safety to give you peace of mind. This blog explores five key reasons to invest in an intercom system for your home.

7 Benefits of Installing Garage Storage Systems

Garage Storage — Des Moines, IA — A Tech

Garage storage systems are good solutions to a messy garage. You can arrange all equipment and tools in safe and convenient places. You can have appealing and durable cabinets and shelves that rhyme with your home décor.

Add custom garage storage systems to make your garage more useful. Storage cabinets and shelves help you access your items with ease. Discover seven other reasons you should consider installing storage systems in your garage.

Why Invest in Access Control Systems for Your Business?

Access Control Systems  — Des Moines, IA — A Tech

Security should be a top priority for any company, regardless of size. You cannot afford to take chances regarding the safety of your employees, customers, and physical assets.

Investing in an access control system is a sure way to increase security. Access control allows you to monitor and control who enters and exits your premises. Discover more about access control and how the investment can benefit your business.

3 Interesting Garage Upgrades

Garage Upgrades — Des Moines, IA — A Tech

The garage is often neglected in modern homes. Unknown to most homeowners, a well-planned garage upgrade can improve the functionality and appeal of the space. Besides, the upgrade could improve your property’s value. Continue reading this excerpt for some garage upgrade tips. 

1. Enhance the Garage’s Security

Security devices such as restricted access systems and CCTV cameras can significantly increase the functionality of the garage. For instance, CCTV cameras record footage of people accessing the garage and deter burglars who would want to break into the garage. In addition, you can integrate CCTV cameras with number plate identification systems that send a signal to open the garage door. 

Want a Media Room? 4 Key Elements to Look For

Media Room — Des Moines, IA — A Tech

A well-planned media room adds to the value of your home and creates a space the whole family will love to use. But designing the right media space calls for more than simply placing a giant TV on a wall. 

What should you look for in your media room? Here are some of the key features that will add the most benefits.


The most basic requirement for all media rooms and home theaters is a sufficiently big space. Start space planning by identifying how you want to use the media room in general. Do you want to design a home theater, or will the room be used for video games, snack-making, or even cocktails?

4 Rec Room Remodeling Ideas Inspired By Classic Arcades

Arcades — Des Moines, IA — A Tech

Classic arcades are filled with a lot of memories, nostalgia, and fun games. Thanks to modern arcade releases and better affordability, homeowners can now have an arcade of their own. If you have a spare room in your home, then you have the option to convert the space to a rec room fully inspired by classic arcades.

Check out some of the remodeling ideas that add a modern touch while still giving you the opportunity to add classic arcade elements.

4 Smaller Walk-In Closet Upgrades to Stay Organized

Small Walk-In Closet — Des Moines, IA — A Tech

A walk-in closet is an ideal place to keep your clothes organized and easy to access. Without the proper accessories, clothes may pile up or become cluttered. Sometimes, the smaller details will make a big difference for your room.

When you hire professionals to create your walk-in closet, consider some of these smaller upgrades that will help you stay organized.

1. Pull-Out Hamper Drawers

What Our Clients Are Saying

What Our Clients Say

  • What Our Clients Say

    Todd at A Tech did an awesome job setting up all the electronics in our basement. We have surround sound and all of the electronics are hidden in a closet with only 1 remote. My husband is techy so he worked with A Tech more than I did but my only request to Todd was that I needed to be able to watch tv and play a dvd without asking for help (I am not techy!) One fabulous remote runs everything and has pictures and an easy menu! They also fixed the internet issue in our house! Very Happy Customers!

    -Maureen Mitchell

  • What Our Clients Say

    Todd designed a whole house audio system with separate controls for every room with one receiver. He was extremely knowledgeable about speaker placement, size and quality. The end product is amazing. He also recommended a remote that controls everything. This is one of my favorite features. I have also purchased several items for my garage organization that I love. They have everything from home audio, garage organization to kitchen items in the store. Will continue to do business with them as I still need closet organization.

    -Gabe Bosma

  • What Our Clients Say

    This is the perfect place to go when you have no idea what to get your relatives for Christmas/birthdays. They have fun gadgets all the way up to amazing electronics. Their customized closets are also something just about anyone can use. Who doesn't want to save some space in their home? Stop by and check it out sometime.

    -Chandler Faldet

  • What Our Clients Say

    We have had our Beam Central Vac for over 15 years and absolutely love it! It is convenient, easy to use and best of all - keeps the 'dust' out of the home!. We have had very good service when we needed it, we replaced the motor in the unit once (very reasonable) and had replaced the power brush handle once. Pretty good for a unit that is over 15 years old! The folks at A Tech Easy Living Store are knowledgeable and very willing to assist in any way they can. Highly recommend visiting the store! They have LOTS of items that can make your life easier in your home!

    -John Mauch

  • What Our Clients Say

    Great products! Exceptional Service! I was out of idea for what to buy my wife. I stopped at The Easy Living Store and they had all I needed to make her happy. I would have never thought of a self opening garbage can as a great gift idea, but they said she would love it and she did! I was amazed at everything the store had to offer and how helpful the staff was there. I will go back.

    -H.A. Gross

  • What Our Clients Say

    ATech is a great company to work with. Todd T. works hard to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget. He has great attention to detail and has many solutions for many different areas of your home. The Company has been around for a long time and has a great reputation in our community. Thanks!

    -Jacob Burkhart

  • What Our Clients Say

    Todd did an awesome job getting all the components into our basement home theater system that my techy husband wanted plus making it easy for me to run with only one remote. We are very happy! The guys that came to install the systems were polite and patient with me and took time to explain how to work it all!

    -Maureen Mitchell

  • What Our Clients Say

    A Tech Easy Living is the "go to" place for my organization needs. They have items I didn't even know existed that solved my organization needs. And the service is impeccable. They are very attentive and help me find what I need to solve my problem.

    -Ernie Moore

  • What Our Clients Say

    I have hard wood floors and Beam has a attachment I bought it at the store and it is a God send I simply love it, it is a dry mop on the vac! Amazing! I'm buying a spare mop when I go back! I bought my vac at Van Berkum's in Pella (Where I live) never will I go back there, they sent my head out for as a loaner and gave me some one elses. How is that for doing business! We argued for a long time about this and was getting no where she kept saying that it was my head, I will never go back there to buy anything! I'm 60 minutes from Des Moines and I will take my vac to be serviced at the Easy Living Store anytime!

    -Jo Owens-Lovett

  • What Our Clients Say

    Easy living best describes the results you get from this store. From hi-tech entertainment systems, whole house vacuums, closet organizers and much more...this store has it all. And for kitchen gadgets and accessories, they are well stocked.

    -Nick Gelormino

  • What Our Clients Say

    Todd and his staff were very professional and easy to work with during our recent project of updating our home entertainment system. I wouldn't think twice about referring A Tech Easy Living Store!!! Thanks

    -DJ Bork

  • What Our Clients Say

    wish every home repair could be this easy!!! My central vacuum was having issues, burned out motor, poor connection and an outlet issue. The technician called me a bit early and said he was ahead of schedule, perfect! He was waiting when i got there, diagnosed it in about 10 minutes, I asked how long it would take to get the parts, he said he had them on the truck! I thought maybe they were generic, but when they made the appt they asked what model. He made the right diagnosis and fixed in about 20 minutes! Couldn't really ask for much more!!! The only remote downside was when I called on saturday the lady asked me to call back on monday. Great service and a great experience!

    -Sean Sellers

  • What Our Clients Say

    I live in a 50's home. I had A Tech come and redo my closets for me. They had great ideas, listened to my input and now I have great closets, even though I live in an older home!

    -Nancy Plagman

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